Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Upwards and on, to Comic Con

Well, then. Here we are at last.

Hot - well, warmish, off the presses is my brand spanking new and spanking comic book Proscenium - best described as an anthology of Strange Stories. That and so much else besides will adorn my table at London Super Comic Con at the end of this very week.

As well as Proscenium, there will be copies of The Grinning Man and Nature Red; my two stand alone ghost story comic books, available too.

What else? Well, my second fan book - The Vault of Such; containing the collected art from the Vampire Variations series a while back plus various other illustrations from video games to classic horror movies, will be available alongside my remaining pair of custom painted shoes - Dragon Ball Z pair A. This pair is UK size 8. Prints, and Mike Read has Beautiful Breath; my strangely titled first fan book containing illustrations from video games, cartoons, and such, shall be available also.

So - if any of the above tickles your proverbial pickle; then my table, and indeed the rest of Artist's Alley, may be for you.


  1. Hi Andrew,
    I just wanted to share a comment about your work. I'd never read any of your work before and I bought a copy of The Grinning Man from you at London Super Comic Con. I love your artwork and I found the story captivating from start to finish. As I walked round the rest of the convention several people stopped me and asked about The Grinning Man they could see me carrying around, so I hope the convention was successful for you?! I will also be looking to purchase your other work and gutted I didn't buy them all last Saturday. Thanks so much Jaye

    1. Hi Jaye,
      I hope you liked the convention. I found it very enjoyable; if a little slow at first. (You never know until you get there!) It is very gratifying meeting and talking with people like yourself who take an active interest not only in my work but in the small press/independent comic scene also. The Grinning Man was my first attempt at a self-published comic book; and I am very grateful for all the generous feedback I have received over these last few years. I am glad to have found at least a small audience who are receptive to (at least my interpretation of) the ghost story within the comic book form. So, it only remains for me to say, most importantly: thank you very much for your kind words and indeed your encouragement.