Friday, 29 September 2017

The Royal Treatment

"...yeah the mama. She's badass man, I mean BIG."

Alien Queen - 400 x 500 mm - Oil on canvas

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Upwards and on, to Comic Con

Well, then. Here we are at last.

Hot - well, warmish, off the presses is my brand spanking new and spanking comic book Proscenium - best described as an anthology of Strange Stories. That and so much else besides will adorn my table at London Super Comic Con at the end of this very week.

As well as Proscenium, there will be copies of The Grinning Man and Nature Red; my two stand alone ghost story comic books, available too.

What else? Well, my second fan book - The Vault of Such; containing the collected art from the Vampire Variations series a while back plus various other illustrations from video games to classic horror movies, will be available alongside my remaining pair of custom painted shoes - Dragon Ball Z pair A. This pair is UK size 8. Prints, and Mike Read has Beautiful Breath; my strangely titled first fan book containing illustrations from video games, cartoons, and such, shall be available also.

So - if any of the above tickles your proverbial pickle; then my table, and indeed the rest of Artist's Alley, may be for you.

Sunday, 13 August 2017


The sun is shining and the birds are singing. The doors to the dungeon boom to a close behind me; and in my hands are the fruits of the last...pffft....eight months...?

Introducing: Proscenium. It's a comic book. Sort of.

For those of you who perhaps aren't aware (and I'm sure that's most of you) my last few original comic books have been ghost stories. While Proscenium continues this trend with supernatural strands and an atmosphere of ghostliness, (yes I believe there is a difference) it cannot be described strictly as a ghost story. But neither is it a "horror" comic. Confused? Fair enough...

Proscenium is an anthology of daydreams and intrusions. At best it fits within the genre of the Strange Story: where perhaps there are usually supernatural, or psychological explanations to the goings on. Often, in fact, it is a little of both.

Here's a preview of select pages from the book:

There are five stories, or episodes, to the book: a poem, an illustrated story, and three comics.

Proscenium is 68 pages; colour and black and white throughout - and will be available at my table at London Super Comic Con on August 25th - 27th. Shortly afterwards it will be available elsewhere. Hopefully.

Watch this space for more updates closer to the event.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Yet More Dirty Rotten Fun

It's that time again.

Crack out the paper plates and Postman Pat tablecloths - UK Comics Anthology Dirty Rotten Comics have reached their tenth issue. In celebration, DRC #10 will feature and chin-bashing 92 pages of indie comics talent - and in full colour. MmmmMMMmmmm, I know!

I am very happy to be included in the line-up for this landmark small press title; having produced a brand new story - The Mulberry Tree especially for it.

You can now order this and previous issues of DRC in physical or digital copies on Amazon! Issue 10 may be ordered here.

My two other entries in the series: The Laundry Goblin and Insert 20 Pence are available in issues 7 and 8 respectively. But obviously there are multitudes of other reasons to buy them. Natch!

So yeah. Go nuts.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Alien Procrastination

With Alien: Covenant looming over the horizon, I thought it would be relevant for me to post this. Plus, I really should post something...

This was never intended to be seen by many, but here is a short silent comic I did for myself at the end of last year. It was conceived and designed as a storytelling exercise, and, where applicable, as a portfolio piece. Since I've been drawing Alien comics for myself since I was about 8 years old; it seemed both fun and natural. Yeah - I'm weird. I know.

The presence of anything actually 'Alienesque' was deliberately toned down to focus on mood and build-up.

The colour piece was just a mock 'cover' to go with it. It has no actual relevance to the story (little that there is) depicted.


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Vault of Such

This has been a long time coming if I'm quite honest. But with BCZF well on the way, it seemed like a good idea to get it done.

The Vault of Such is, as you can probably see, not just a massive homage to the EC comics of the 1950s, but also a means for me to cram in as much illustration work and 'stuff wat I dun' within two covers as I care to. Besides the new cover, there are various new and not-so-new-but-unseen bits I have done both recently and not-so-recently. There are also images that have previously only been available as prints or apparel - like shoes or custom-painted t-shirts. Yeah.

Here's a few spreads:

Also included within is (nearly) all of the collected illustrations and sketches for the Vampire Variations series that I provided for the albums released by Nitro Game Injection and OverClocked Remix respectively.

In a way, The Vault of Such is the companion volume to Mike Read Has Beautiful Breath - a previous fan book collecting images from popular culture. The Vault is very similar, but also contains a few personal drawings, plus it's physically bigger - so to call it Vol.2 would seem strange. But technically, it is.

SO. Both books combined covers nearly everything illustration related (not including comics and stuff that I don't want to share) over the last four or five years. Uurrrgh...

The Vault of Such is A4 size and 28PP - and will be available first at Bristol Comic and Zine Fair 2016 this coming Saturday. I'll be there also, obviously. (Blimey, it's been a while since I've had a table somewhere...)

Also available will be various other prints, books and comics. The Grinning Man makes a welcome, albeit limited return, as I have reprinted *very few* copies especially for BCZF, so Ghost Story Comic enthusiasts (I know they're out there somewhere...guys?...) will be able to obtain both The Grinning Man and Nature, Red, if they wish. (Strangely, it's the latter's first time at a convention. I bought a cake. Any excuse.)

Watch this space for a third....ah, but I've already said too much....